Hi all, welcome to Bluestocking Theatre Co.’s official website! I’m Charlie Kay, I wrote and am co-directing our first show Call of the Malleefowl with the wonderful Lani Gerbi. A little about me; I’m a comedian on the Autism spectrum who has dabbled in ‘real writing’ over the years but my safe place is very much in comedy. Call of the Malleefowl is not a comedy but that’s all I’ll be saying about that.

When casting this show, we had two rounds of auditions. The first round was stretched over two (exhausting!) days where we saw many, many wonderful people perform words I’d written. Lani and I came to the decision to cast Evelyn after the first round, which was unexpected as we’d been planning to hold callbacks for the role. However, our Evelyn (Millie Montgomery) blew us away in the audition and we really couldn’t see anyone else embodying the role as well as her.

The second round of auditions was callbacks, which took place in a group setting. We had ten actors that we loved and only three remaining roles. The day ended in a lengthy discussion between myself and Lani over dinner, well after the callbacks were over. Eventually, we managed to narrow it down. The three actors we cast were:

Genevieve Venning playing Frankie,

Robert Baulderstone playing Noah

Allison Scharber playing Dr. Fields.

Now comes the hours of rehearsals, liaising with the costume designers (Don O’Donnell and Abaigh Curry) and prop hunting so we can bring this show to life. Myself and Lani are so excited to share this story with you.

For more details regarding performances please see:

- Charlie

Myself (Left) and Lani (Right) looking very sleepy after our first full day of auditions.


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