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Call of the Malleefowl

15 Mar – 20 Mar 2021 (6-7pm)

Location: Bakehouse Theatre (255 Angas St, Adelaide SA 5000) Main Stage

Written by Charlie Kay
Directed by Lani Gerbi and Charlie Kay

"I find people hard to understand, not for lack of trying or wanting. Birds aren’t incomprehensible, they have patterns. Clear and distinct. They abide by the design of nature."

Call of the Malleefowl is a one-act drama set in current-day Adelaide, taking place over a single Winter. Told from the perspective of Evelyn, a young woman on the Autism Spectrum, the story shifts in and out of the present. Evelyn recollects her initial encounter with the enigmatic and beautiful Frankie at The Lookout, a place where Evelyn goes to birdwatch. As the events of the Winter unravel in Evelyn's tale, we learn the sinister truth of what happened and why.

* Cast *

Evelyn: Millie Montgomery
Frankie: Genevieve Venning
Noah: Robert Baulderstone
Dr. Fields: Allison Scharber

Please note, this event is wheelchair accessible.


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